Leak Alerts and Usage Info

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AquaHawk Alerting is a FREE service for CCRWC members that will assist you in efficiently managing your water usage and lowering monthly bills.  Register today at: https://ccrwc.aquahawk.us/

 Features & Benefits

 AquaHawk Alerting offers numerous benefits to CCRWC members including:                                      

 Easy-to-use and understand

  • Members specify how they want to be contacted--text, e-mail, phone, or direct mail
  • Offers more control over utility expenses
  • Helps consumers understand how they're using utilities and how they can save

Provides timely leak alerts when problems are detected

Helps prevent property damage

Simplifies customer-utility communications



 AquaHawk is easy to understand and use.  An online help site is also provided.   

Timely Alerts

Users receive alerts via their preferred mode: e-mail, text, telephone, Web or direct mail.

Threshold Alerting

Users can specify an amount of usage (gallons) or an amount of money ($) they want to spend each month. If they are trending to, or exceed this threshold, AquaHawk automatically sends them a notification. This capability helps users better manage their utility costs.

Estimated Bill-to-Date

Customers can login and see an estimate of their bill anytime during the billing cycle. The system displays the number of days in the billing cycle and presents an estimated final bill amount too.

Third Party Account Access

Users can allow property managers, landscape companies, or others to access their online accounts. These users can also receive alerts.

Watering Efficiency Guidance

AquaHawk shows customers when they may be over-watering in a simple, easily understandable graphs.

Comparisons to Similar Users

The Aquahawk alerting system allows users to see how their consumption compares to similar users.

Send Messages to CCRWC

Users may enter notes in the portal and request the utility provider to contact them.

Access Multiple Accounts from one Login

Customers create a single user name and password and can then access all their utility accounts.

Integrated Rainfall and Temperature Information

AquaHawk displays historical temperature (high, low, average) and rainfall information synchronized to consumption data.

Budget View

Users can see how their usage compares to a their monthlly or annual budget.

     Please contact CCRWC if you would like additional information or need assistance in getting signed-up.